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Pointers for Securing Construction Surety Bonds

The ability to secure surety bonding is a must in the construction business. Public entities usually call for bid bonds for their projects, on top of performance and payment bonds. Most general contractors need surety bonds from their subcontractors, and an increasing number of private entities need bonds as a cushion when contractors default.

However, it can be a feat for any construction company to establish and maintain a surety line. With the following tips, securing surety bonds or boosting bonding capacity can come easier:

Bond Broker and Surety Company

When choosing a surety bond broker or surety company, make sure they are specialists in contract surety bonding, and know the ins and outs of construction contracts in the specific states where you need protection. The National Association of Surety Bond Producers can be your first stop when searching for a surety provider that addresses your bonding needs. Here's a good read about risk control services, check it out!

Business Ties

Your surety company must have certification from the U.S Department of Treasury in writing surety bonds for federal governmental projects, as well as maintain an A-rating or above from respected rating organizations. The surety company your broker chooses should address your bonding needs, including bonding you in applicable states and having a capacity that suits your your requirements.


Before embarking on any project where you will need a surety bond, go through a prequalification process to make sure that you are bondable in the first place, as well as to assess your bonding capacity.

Broker Relations

Yes, you need to build a real human relationship with your broker. They have to be your friend and advocate. This will happen only when there is effective communication between you and your broker and surety provider. You should inform them immediately at the first sign of issues with your projects. Keep your broker in the loop regarding the workings in your company - for example, changes in ownership, expansion plans, etc. There is a greater possibility that your surety company will raise your bonding capacity once you have established trust and confidence.

Thriving Business

Finally, keep your business thriving. To increase your your bonding capacity, you have to take good care of your business, because a well cared for business is a profitable one. That means you should be able to manage your cash flow successfully, and your projects must be completed within preset time and financial limits. It is also crucial to work within your capacity instead of exceeding own capabilities. That means you may not have to accept new projects if you are short the necessary working capital, staff and equipment to see it through successfully. Kindly visit this website  for more useful reference.